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H&M Racist Hoodie: 2018 Monkey Ad

H&N monkey hoodie

Back in January 2018, H&M advertised this hoodie in their digital marketplaces. I’ve included this example in my series because it stands out as an obvious failure. The others had at least good intentions. The Swiss clothing line…

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Dove’s Literal Whitewashing

yellow soap and cleaning sponge Dove ad

In 2017, Dove ran an flash ad through Facebook that erupted in controversy The commercial was a short 3-second GIF of women pulling their shirt off to reveal another woman of a different race underneath. Weird, right? They…

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Pepsi Banking Off Social Justice Protests

My last post was about the recent Gillette ad campaign. I went back and forth in how to organize it. Originally, I tried to draft listicle of my opinions on different controversial ads, but I realized the readers…

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Gillette’s Toxic Masculinity Ad: Calling Men Out?

masculine man

Every once in a while ads stupidly offend their intended audience. Usually, social media flames up in angry comments and the companies suffer a PR nightmare. Some mismatched text and/or colors might convey the wrong message. We usually…

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