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My 2019 Resolutions: Defining Success

bulls eye target achieving goals

In retrospect, 2018 wasn’t a great year for me. It started with me jobless after I was laid off from a digital marketing company. I transitioned into a trucking company as an office administrator, but it was another…

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Brief Autobiography: Writing (Part 3)

marketing pen Blogger Autobiography

By May of 2017, I became aware of an issue with my teaching certification. I was required to take an ESOL class online. I took the class back in January; it was apparently the wrong course number. I…

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Brief Autobiography: Teaching (Part 2)

Mr Crow Banner Blogger Autobiography

I graduated Mercer in May of 2014. I didn’t truly know what to expect when I came back home. I needed to transfer my teaching certificate from Georgia to Florida. The window to take some tests had passed,…

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Brief Autobiography: My Education (Part 1)

blogger with certificate Blogger Autobiography

Usually, family histories are told chronologically from the distant past forward to the present. I’ve decided the reading would be more engaging and informative if I reversed the standard format. Thus, I am starting with myself. Why this…

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Pace Family History: Introductions

Jonathan Crow Pace Family History Binder

I have decided my next big project will be to present a narrative of my family history. I hope to fill in gaps of memories with documentation and truly illustrate the character of my ancestors. This first chapter…

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Doodles Part 2: Superheroes!

Superhero with lightning powers

Alright, so last time I revealed my childhood fantasy world of Mybera (which you can read here: “Doodles Part 1: Mybera“). Now I am thrilled to present my collection of superheroes and supervillains from my teenage imagination! I…

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Doodles Part 1: Mybera

childhood drawing of frog ninja

Today I am excited to unveil my long lost childhood doodles I drew from about ages 7-14! Part 1 of this series covers the tales from the mythical land of Mybera. First some introduction: The Importance of Childhood…

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My Philosophy of Wearing Ties

Wearing ties different colors

Ties Are Awesome As a wee lad, I used to dread the idea of dressing up for church or a special occasion. It involved so much effort for me to find the right outfit that would please my…

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The Perseid Meteor Shower and Writing

meteor falling on purple sky

If you haven’t heard, you can see the Perseid meteor shower at its peak this weekend!

The Perseid shower, called because it hails around the Perseus constellation, occurs July 17th to August 24th and comes from the “Swift-Turtle” comet’s yearly orbit.  Normally, the comet will shoot forth 80 meteors an hour. If you want the best views, drive out to a dark part of town. However, this year around the bright waning gibbous moon will make it difficult to see some, but be patient! You might get your wish granted after all!

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