5 Airtable Ideas for Small Business + Finance

Airtable is a spreadsheet cloud program with elements of a database. Unlike Excel or Google Sheets, it’s super user friendly, visually intuitive, and flexible for collaboration. I used in my last two jobs as a tool to organize…

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Bastion (2011) Review: Hidden Gem

The Kid Sitting Thinking Bastion

Bastion is a story-driven action adventure game produced by Supergiant Games and published in 2011 by Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment.  You control a boy (simply referred to as “The Kid”) who has survived some kind of apocalyptics called…

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Chapter 1: Attack on Ft. Loxley (Soldier Saga)

Coal Valley

Our story begins on a fair morning at Coal Valley, a small military outpost in the mountainous Kingdom of Ragness. The surrounding region was cluttered with forests and scenic cliffs.   While the mountains appear natural on the…

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Thunder Crash: Backstory (Soldier Saga)

Small boy in desert D&D

There was once a wild boy. He wasn’t sure his real name or even his age. His parents abandoned him as a child to the elements of the desert. It was a common practice at the time. The…

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H&M Racist Hoodie: 2018 Monkey Ad

H&N monkey hoodie

Back in January 2018, H&M advertised this hoodie in their digital marketplaces. I’ve included this example in my series because it stands out as an obvious failure. The others had at least good intentions. The Swiss clothing line…

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Dove’s Literal Whitewashing

yellow soap and cleaning sponge Dove ad

In 2017, Dove ran an flash ad through Facebook that erupted in controversy The commercial was a short 3-second GIF of women pulling their shirt off to reveal another woman of a different race underneath. Weird, right? They…

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10 Funny Ad Fails

Ban Against Bikes

Defining Good Ads Since I’ve been writing about ads recently, I figured I’d take the time to write a lighthearted post. Sometimes ads are bad because they offend people and cause drama. Others have mistakes that make us…

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Pepsi Banking Off Social Justice Protests

My last post was about the recent Gillette ad campaign. I went back and forth in how to organize it. Originally, I tried to draft listicle of my opinions on different controversial ads, but I realized the readers…

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Gillette’s Toxic Masculinity Ad: Calling Men Out?

masculine man

Every once in a while ads stupidly offend their intended audience. Usually, social media flames up in angry comments and the companies suffer a PR nightmare. Some mismatched text and/or colors might convey the wrong message. We usually…

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Optimal Workstation Organization

View of employee workstation

I have been thinking more about organization recently, and then a friend shared her new post “3: My workstation”. I think it’s a beautiful post and a great idea. My desk area at work and home is usually…

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