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I am Jonathan Crow, creative enthusiast and content writer extraordinaire!

Currently, I work part-time for Critical Supply Solutions Inc producing their blog content and generally managing their website and social media platforms. Previous to my career in digital marketing, I was a middle school history teacher.

I am a native of South Florida. Besides writing, I love the beach, my cat, family, and fresh squeezed lemonade.

Right now, I look forward to growing in my career by expanding my experience and resume with freelance writing.

Why Use My Freelance Services?

Looking for freelance writing services? Writing is my passion. Whether you need simple edits, copywriting, blogging, or an infographic, I am your man to see your project done from start to finish.

I’ve worked for both agencies and directly for companies copywriting in several niches, including drug rehabilitation centers, car lease dealers, pavement construction, online dating, furniture stores, and many others.

For three years, I was a public school teacher in Broward County, Florida. Using my education background, I really enjoy giving constructive feedback to help improve your voice and style of writing. Yeah, I could write all your content for you and be done. But, I am interested in more than just finishing a job. I want to develop you as an individual by unlocking your inner creative spirit. I measure the quality of my freelance writing services by the level of awesomeness you feel. You should be more than satisfied with my content. You should feel inspired and encouraged to take on the world.

I can finish most projects 1000-1500 words in about a day. However, I cannot make any promises given that I might be booked with other clients. I also work at the office on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM. The best thing to do is to contact me as soon as possible and ask for my availability.

Every part of this blog I created myself. If you need more professional samples, just ask.

If you don’t see a service listed here or a rate that works for you, message me anyway to talk. I am open to negotiating and compromise so we both benefit. I need money but I also care about educating the public on important causes and inspire others. If you have an awesome idea or product, I want to help promote it.

I prefer payment through PayPal.

Get in touch with me directly at

Thanks for your time and consideration! I look forward to hearing from you.

Freelance Rates

  • Editing = $3.50/page ($0.014/word)
  • Blogging / Copywriting = $25/1000 words
  • Infographic = $10/graphic
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