Shooting Stars: Beauty Beyond this World

What is the Perseid Meteor Shower?

If you haven’t heard, you can see the Perseid meteor shower at its peak this weekend!

The Perseid shower, called because it hails around the Perseus constellation, occurs July 17th to August 24th and comes from the “Swift-Turtle” comet’s yearly orbit.  Normally, the comet will shoot forth 80 meteors an hour. If you want the best views, drive out to a dark part of town. However, this year around the bright waning gibbous moon will make it difficult to see some, but be patient! You might get your wish granted after all!

What Does a Meteor Shower Mean to Me?

I tried myself to gaze upon the night sky (not actually pictured above), but the stars didn’t sparkle by like I hoped. Maybe another time the bright space dust will shimmer my way.

For now, I am stuck contemplating the significance of such a natural beauty. What does it all mean to me? I guess someone could see it as particles of a passing comet, but mere astrophysics cannot fully capture it. Besides, that’s boring! Shooting stars are signatures of the divine. They fuel our imagination and dreams.  Shooting stars beautifully blend natural phenomena, fire burning ice and rock, with enchanting magic. The quick flash of dancing light teases of a world beyond our own. It’s Heaven’s art show with angels painting violent glitter across the moonlight.

Then again, at least some of those some of those twinkling rays might be alien spaceships! That’s possible, right? I don’t really believe in little green men visiting the planet and making crop circles. Yet, a meteor shower would give extraterrestrials a cover to scout and collect data on our primitive human civilization. Their nimble spaceships could easily sneak in and out the atmosphere with some natural camouflage of beaming meteor light.  It’s also possible that a flurry of meteors crashing to the earth is actually scraps of an alien mothership that suffered hull damage upon warping to this quadrant of our galaxy.

If REALLY think about it, an old and funny dressed wizard might have wiggled his staff, whispered some words, and BAM – he summoned fireballs from the sky to consume to the evil skeleton army!

I enjoy viewing the world like that. Imagination is power. Without it, history is dead, science is dull, and the metaphysical impersonal.

I think it’s important to build my art of writing like shooting stars. It should evoke beauty and wonder from the reader. Whether I am writing to sell cars or furniture, I am going to have fun! Using the right words will capture the reader in my world beyond this one!

This blog will be a nice way to experiment some things I’ve learned from work and test out new writing styles.

I also hope to help others achieve their goals by offering freelance writing services. Need blog content? I am your man.

I just hope I get my mermaid…