Alright, so last time I revealed my childhood fantasy world of Mybera (which you can read here: “Doodles Part 1: Mybera“). Now I am thrilled to present my collection of superheroes and supervillains from my teenage imagination! I wasn’t as elaborate to create a written story for them. Still, I find them inspiring to reflect and ponder their possible adventures. I’ll present each character and give you a short detailing of their powers and my speculation on their background.

Here’s a quick video that previews each:

But first, as always, some necessary introduction:

The Importance of Superheroes

We wake up each morning and we have fairly routine lives. To most, it’s an endless cycle: work, eat, sleep, repeat.

Everyone needs a hero. We need heroes to break us of the monotony and inspire us to defeat the villains of society. You probably don’t have the Red Skull or Ultron threating your world; but, we all have daily struggles with our relationships, finances, or careers. If we just rely on the material world around us for hope, I believe we’ll be sadly disappointed. The world sucks.

That cycle we’re stuck is actually part an endless downward spiral the hate and agony that’s part of human nature. Am I pessimistic? I would say a realist. If you think about it, 90% of news stories features death and destruction. The media isn’t selective in their broadcasts. That’s just the reality of our world. People are hurting everywhere. We have a small bubble here in America and only see a snippet of the chaos.

What do we do? We should teach moralism in our schools and churches. We should rightfully use government to restrain the evils of man. More than any of that, we should look to heroes for encouragement and inspiration.

We try to do this by teaching history in schools. MLK, Michael Jordan, and Amelia Earhart are just some of the idols our society looks up to for guidance. We’ve always debated the exact place of some legends of our past. Every hero has their fault. Jefferson famously declared it’s a self-evident truth that all men are created equal yet owned over 100 slaves. The shifts in value we place on icons reflects our evolution as a society.

Every people group wants their story presented fairly. They want their heroes honored in the world. Native Americans, women, LBGT, African Americans, and other minorities deserve the decency to have their narratives told.

When people cannot get recognition for their heroes, the next best things is to create some through imagination. When the wars in our lives don’t go as planned, we can still win if we create a path to victory in our minds. That might sound like nonsense but let’s look the amazing Spider-Man! Yes, he defeats classic villains like Green Goblin and Dr. Octopus – but, more than that, he’s a symbol of the triumph over the awkwardness that is the transition to adulthood. If you feel overcome by university life and failing relationships, so was Spider-Man. He overcame his studies and finally marries the woman of his dreams. Dreams aren’t impossible if we collectively believe they aren’t. Everyone believes in Spider-Man.

The question is… who do you believe in and why? You have to examine your values and find who embodies them. Cling to the hope they provide. Their story is your story.

Better yet, if you cannot find a hero, become one!

The Superheroes Drawings

Now for the drawings themselves. Let’s begin with the heroes:

Thunder Fists

Superhero with lightning powers
The Mighty Superhero Thunder Fists


Charges up and flings balls of electric energy. The super suit also has fancy buttons on them that give him numerous movement advantages in combat, such as booster strafing and magnetic traction boots. Large four yellow circles are speakers used to blast hip-hop music.


One of my favorite shows growing up on Kids WB, undoubtedly, had to be Static Shock. Everyone seems to be having a hay day over Black Panther being the “first major black superhero”. Like I guess Rodney did not count because he was just a sidekick of Tony? I guess whatever makes some people happy.

But my old Thunder Fists definitely has inspiration from the hip and snazzy Static Shock. I liked the idea of a character learning his place in high school still, so I’d estimate my hero is at last 16 years old. Thunder Fist has the best hair of anyone in the world. Cannot you tell? His arms do look a bit flimsy. Much like myself, he could hit the gym more often.

Thunder Fists doesn’t care about hiding his public identity. He was born as Theo but everyone knows him as the lightning hero that brings down any supervillains. Also against the conventional hero tradition, Theo actively sought to acquire his powers on purpose! He felt frustrated at the constant bullying and hate circulating his middle school. So he researched some mythic cube he heard rumored on the Internet. He tracked down the seller online using the dark web. They met in secret one stormy night in a shadowy alley. The stranger, who had a thick Ugandan accent, warned young Theo: there would be devastating consequences if anyone abused the “gift of the cube”.

Theo promptly ignored that warning and quickly began fiddling with the device at home. First, he tried prying open the top and ended up breaking every tool in the shed. Next, he attempted to heat it up in the microwave. That didn’t do anyone. He tried a dozen more tests on the little box and each ended in nothing! Theo became so angry that gave up and threw it outside in ditch to be rid of it forever.

The day after, mysterious pounding awoke the whole town. THA THUMP THA THUMP! Theo raced out the house to investigate with the rest of the neighbors. A monstrous tree beast had grown from the very same ditch he tossed the cube. Heavy roots swaddled the ground and vines swung every which way as the creature slowly strolled to meet Theo in front of his house.

The whole town watched in awe as the tree monster shouted to challenge Theo to a fight. He accepted the challenged. They met at the park for the duel about an hour later. The fearsome battle commenced!

The tree’s massive size and the advantage of the natural surroundings overwhelmed Theo. It swung thorn branches to cut his arms and chest. Splinters had dug deep into his back. Then, the pollen had severely irritated his allergies.

But then Theo remembered something important: trees burn. He quickly took his lighter out and set his foe ablaze. The fires smoldered and settled into a pile of ash.

And strangely enough, the cube sat atop the heap of burning rubble. The object glowed a bright orange to reveal hidden rune symbols. Finally, the light materialized into the cube’s owner from the night before, this time wearing a thick black robe. In his distinct Ugandan accent, he proclaimed Theo was worth to wield the gift of lightning.

Then, the same runes begin to appear all over Theo’s body and granted him the power to summon spheres of electric energy at will. He had become a legend. He was Thunder Fists

Jelly Boy

Superhero kid with jelly powers
The Fantastic Jelly Boy Wonder


Generates jelly objects at will to use as weapons and tools to fight crime. The utility belt includes his favorite juice in a sippy cup.


Jelly Boy, similar to the Green Lantern, can create gelatinous shapes from his mind. It’s tempting to eat all those yummy treats but Jelly Boy, whose true identity is Joey, has committed to only using his powers for good. As in the instance above, he often stops bank robberies. He’s very young at just 5 years old. But his age works in his favor! Since he hasn’t started school yet, he has more time for fighting crime in the city. He also has good hair. Yet, like me, he hates haircuts and keeps it long and wavy.

Though I wonder, who clears up the gooey mess when it’s his bedtime?

Joey’s not sure how he acquired his powers but his mother thinks it’s from an expired Jell-O dessert he had snuck out of the fridge one day. His family is very superstitious and believes the government is poisoning all the food. So, they grow and cook everything from scratch using their farmland outside of town.

Little did they know the soil had been contaminated by the spirit of the trickster god Zugboo, who enjoys possessing the mind’s of young children for fun. The diety inhabited the family’s dessert platter after it was carefully prepared from the sugar cane grown on the farm. Then, he waited patiently for innocent Joey to consume the treats. Days past, then weeks. Finally, the jelly substance had rotted and become quite nasty.

Joey didn’t care about the quality of the dessert. It was the massive quantity that mattered! He belly felt very sick that night. He definitely ate way too much of the yummy snacks.

The next day, Joey awoke with jelly oozing out his skin. He tried to shower it off but that didn’t help. Next, he started throwing up chunks of it and painfully urinating out the pink gunk. The little boy went from doctor to doctor around the country. No one could diagnose the problem or offer hope of recovery.

Finally, one day, Joey heard a creepy voice speak from within his own mind. The slow shrieking sound made it feel like it living nightmare. The supernatural being Zugboo said he had a cure for Joey’s illness. The boy was too thrilled to question anything happening and excitedly asked what the remedy could be. The sly god claimed a bit of old magic would do the trick – in exchange Joey just had to sign a waiver agreement that would be valid for three years.

Suddenly a lengthy document appeared before young Joey. As instructed by Zugboo, the boy signed it with his blood. The deal was done.

From that day forward, Joey learned to control the jelly substance dripping out from his pores. He practiced day and night to shape the material into different objects. Before long, he took up the mantle of Jelly Boy, saving townsfolk from crime and gangs.

There probably were some hidden clauses in the mysterious contract. Jelly Boy would find that out later. For now, the powers of Zugboo flow through him as he makes his parents proud.


Robot superhero
Robotic Superhero with X-Ray Vision


Hyper magnet claws with military grade weapons suit powered by magnoflorium. X-ray vision circuitry. Supersonic hearing. Build-in FM/AM radio and toaster oven.


Marvin, a close friend of Thunder Fist, took an internship at the town’s local marketing agency as a content writer, mostly producing blogs. Soon the company began working for a top-secret science lab of the US government, called Project Metal. Marvin, or “Lil’ Mar” as he was known, met the head scientist at their facility and tried to learn as much as he could about their clandestine research for his keyword study. He diligently took notes on their equipment and begin drafting headlines – WHEN SUDDENLY The floor opened up, sucked him down a vent, and he landed squarely into a pool of supercharged mercury mixed with magnoflorium, a new synthetic metal.

As Marvin sank deeper in the thick pit, his whole life flashed before him and he felt devastated that he would never post to the lab’s blog. He thought it was his one chance at making it big in life. Soon everything turned dark and hazy for poor Marvin.

Then, Marvin woke up hours later strapped to a strange table with all kinds of red and blue wires strung through his body. Turns out, his body had nearly melted away entirely. Thankfully, the magnoflorium had fused with his mind to preserve his consciousness, which the lab technicians then uploaded to a robotic suit.

Much to Marvin’s shock and anger, the scientist of Project Metal revealed they had planned this all along! They didn’t want a blog, social media management, or any SEO optimization. After all, that would kinda defeat the purpose of being top secret. They actually had cruel designs to unwillingly create a powerful super soldier with hyper magnetic abilities. The imaginative mind of a blogger seemed a natural fit for their plans.

Project Metal cunningly cloned Marvin long before he even arrived at the lab. They instructed his double to return his home and attend school as normal. Now no one would miss the real Marvin.

As the scientist finished up their mechanical finetuning on the robot body, they offered Marvin a simple choice: do the secret bidding of the CIA or his clone would slaughter kittens and/or embarrass himself in public. Marvin hated the thought of kittens dying. He reluctantly agreed to join black op missions in South America. ‘Lil Mar had become the killer Magno!

At some point late the next year, his best friend Theo knew something was wrong, especially when “Marvin” the clone craved artichoke ice cream and forgot his own birthday. The superhero Thunder Fist embarked on an arduous journey to find his lost friend. After months of chasing clues and beating up baddies, they were finally reunited in the remote Peruvian jungle.

Now, the duo is on a hunt to find those wicked scientists of Project Metal and bring down the government conspiracy.

Black Weed

green plant superhero
The Wise Black Weed, Protector of the Ancient Woodlands


Summons giant weed creatures with grotesque mouths and a big appetite for human flesh. Immortal. Speaks to animals. Breathes underwater. Mastery of horticulture. The supernatural super suit allows shoots deadly poison darts and gas clouds from the wrists.


Black Weed is the superhero on a mission to protect the wild, untamed nature of the world. He’s the vegan hipster chilling in the jungles of Cambodia. What’s not to like about him?

When God cast out Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden, He ordered angels and a flaming sword to block the way back (see Genesis 3:24). Legend says Black Weed was the leader that cherubim legion. Others believe he grew from a seed of that ancient Tree of Life. In either case, the council of angels exiled Black Weed from their ranks for his failure of duty in the whole forbidden fruit affair.

Black Weed has lived for the last million years learning the secrets of nature and protecting its pristine beauty in hopes of redeeming himself in the eyes of the divine council. He often battles demonic spirits seeking to corrupt the forests of the world. Occasionally, he also spends time warding off greedy loggers and poachers. As in Eden, the deep woods of Earth all contain hidden mysteries. They cannot fall into the wrong hands.

The Supervillain Drawings

Villains often have their own sad story that drove them to their madness. Here’s the childhood take on them:

Agent Wolf Man

super villain with bad hair
The Wolf Man: Master Mind Supervillain Wizard


Transforms into a demonic wolf creature that devours human souls. Ninja skills and weapon expertise in his human form.


The sages of the ancient past relied on dark magic to fuel the ambitious empires of Egypt, Babylon, Persia, and Rome. Leader and wisest of these wicked sorcerers was known only as the Wolf Man. The kings of old were all just puppets in his cold hands. At midnight on a full moon, the demon wolf form inside him awakens and, in his hot rage, he seeks fresh souls to consume and extend his natural life.  

The Wolf Man now manipulates the American government by controlling Project Metal from his underground base in the heart of Chicago. The US presidents offer him fresh souls to consume each month, mostly from prisoners of Guantanamo Bay. In exchange, the Wolf Man protected their semblance of control.

Other than that, he does as he pleased and enjoyed the company of beautiful slaves girls in his lavish dungeon themed throne room. After 10,000 years, world politics bored him. So, he mostly works by proxy through a network skilled mercenaries and thugs around the world.  

The Wolf Man’s ultimate goal is to master the purest of forbidden magic and open a portal to the demon realm. Then, he hopes to master their ranks and have the fallen creatures worship him as their god.

He’s read every dusty tome from across the world to learn their evil spells but nothing revealed the secrets of the demonic world. The Wolf Man finally realized the powers of Hell must lie within the forbidden forests protected by the immortal guardian Black Weed. He organized the capture of the blogger Marvin and created Magno as the ultimate weapon to infiltrate the deep rainforests and woodlands of the world.

When Magno failed and instead returned to society a hero, Wolf Man decided he would have to go himself. After about 300 years of lavish living in America, the vile magician came out of hiding to finish his unholy quest.     


evil wizard drawing
Bonefit: The Rockin’ Necromancer


Amateur necromancer wielding the Scepter of the Damned that can raise the dead to fight for him. Robotic claw with shotgun attachment.


Bonefit is the most fearsome mercenary captain ever. He leads missions on behalf of Agent Wolf Man to dominate the criminal underworld, steal wealth, and topple governments around the world.

In his personal life, he loves his faithful dog Fido and heavy metal music. Bonefit, like all of us, took on gang work because he just needed to make a living. His daughter Rebecca sadly had cancer and he desperately needed to pay the medical bills.

When she passed away, Bonefit was convinced there must be a way to bring her back.

Thinking there was some hidden formula to eternal life in the underground world, he joined some Chicago gangs and worked his way to become a boss. He hoped to catch the attention of the shadowy Wolf Man. The two met in the secret dungeon throne room and agreed to a work together. Bonefit agreed to complete several dangerous missions, one of which he lost his right hand. The Wolf Man then gifted Bonefit with the cursed Scepter of the Damned and promised it would return to life his loved one.

The weapon’s magic worked but not as Bonefit had hoped. Rebecca returned to life as a mindless, deformed, and rabid zombie! Still, he loved her and at least got to see her face once more. The mercenary boss carefully locked his undead daughter in a hidden passage of a remote cave of the Rocky Mountains. The hollow became his gang’s headquarters.  

He grew obsessed with perfecting the evil magic to save the only family he had. The quest drove him mad. He began raiding graves all across the world and experimenting with different spells and dark rituals, creating more and more undead prisoners. Eventually, the bones of the deceased weren’t enough! He needed fresh hearts and the blood of the living to continue his work. He began to kidnapping orphans and street prostitutes, people no one would miss. With much anguish and pain, he systematically removed their organs and offered them as living sacrifices to the demon gods.

The sacrifices became more and extensive, the rituals more disgustingly perverse, and Bonefit’s mind warped and twisted beyond recognition. At last, one night discovered, or so he believed, the missing ingredient needed to finally unlock the full power of the Scepter of the Damned: the soul of an innocent!

After years of searching, Bonefit found little Joey, better known as Jelly Boy. He made it his primary mission to kidnap the child and take him back his cave lair, though his arch enemy would prove more than a challenge in combat.   


Devlin the King of Fire

evil Fire wizard drawing
Devlin: The Venusian Warlord and Self-Proclaimed “King of Fire”


Venusian warlord that generates fire streams from his hands. He also can teleport and create shadow copies of himself with limited use per day.


Everyone thinks aliens come from Mars. No one expects them from Venus! Yet, that’s exactly where Devlin the Fire King hails from in this universe. He spent nearly a hundred years mastering the harsh surface elements to channel them through his mutant skin, resulting in his control of fire. He commanded the respect of the outlying Venusian tribes. Soon after, he organized a rebellion to overthrow the wimpy Venusian Democratic Confederation and instituted his strict autocratic rule.     

As the Earth devolved in the chaos when the Wolf Man unleashed Hell, Devin, the de facto king of Venus, saw an opportune time to invade the planet. He had a craving for mangoes ever since his last official visit to Roswell, New Mexico. One day he couldn’t take it and contact the US president to demand the world supply of mangoes or face annihilation. Naturally, America refused to negotiate with terrorists like Devlin and war ensued.

The president didn’t fear the Venusian since he was sure the Wolf Man would protect the world. Unfortunately, the evil magician was preoccupied fending off the demonic forces of Hell roaming Australia. When word got around that UFOs were abducting farmers across the world to steal the “secret recipe” of the mango, the Wolf Man feared his supply of souls would be compromised. Bonefit and he reluctantly joined forces with Jelly Boy, Thunder Fists, Magno, and Black Weed. They were forced to set aside their differences to save the world.

Meanwhile, Delvin became frustrated that the Earth’s greatest agriculturalist couldn’t provide him a way to grow mangoes deep within the craters of Venus’ surface. In his frustration, he incinerated the farmers on a live stream for all of Earth to witness. He promptly ordered his fleet of flying saucers to invade the mango capitals of the world. India, China, and Thailand quickly fell to the might of Delvin. Then he set his gluttonous eyes on the Philippine islands and their elusive manggang kalabaw, the “Manila Super Mango”!

Earth’s mightiest heroes and villain combined forces to set up defenses on around the tropical islands. The battle for humanity’s survival was about to unfold!  

Mr. Flame

fire monster slug
Mr. Flame: Dictator from Hell


Officially titled Supreme Dictator of the United Hell Forces (UHF), Mr. Flame can suck the life out of mortal victims, possess souls, physically corrupt ground with death, and mind control any weak minded fool. Obviously, he also can spew forth hellfire. Has several transformations, each significantly enhancing power level far above 9000.   


The demon realm of Hell is actually quite divided. Faction leaders each vie for power. There’s the Gargoyle Gang, Satan’s Slave Drivers, the all-female Harpy Hellraisers, and the Imperial Imps. Each has their own characteristic battle dance and theme song.

While each tribe despised the others, in times of crisis the Fallen Elders would elect their strongest warrior to exercise absolute power for a limit of one year. When the evil wizard Wolf Man successfully opened a portal to their dimension, he posed a threat to all demonkind. They all united under the leadership of the ominous Mr. Flame from the Imperial Imps.

After conquering the first plane of Hell and taming a small army of lava pups, the Wolf Man faced off against the full force of the UHF! They succeeded in chasing him back to the mortal world and bringing the fight to Earth outside the portal in the outback of Australia. Mr. Flame led the diverse army of hellish fiends to conqueror the wasteland of the bush.

The Wolf Man ordered his lackey Bonefit to dispatch the zombie forces to the battle. The power of the mighty wolf spirit with his undead fodder kept the demon horde at bay from the major cities. The standstill lasted for months.

The militaries of the world tried to bomb the portal gateway. However, the Wolf Man, still intent on marching through once again as a worshipped king, destroyed their warplanes and ships.

Turns out the demons really loved it in Australia. The climate and landscape reminded them of home. Once the aliens invaded Earth, Mr. Flame was forced to play politics and craft a peace agreement. Mr. Flame willing agreed under the terms that he would maintain nominal control of the Australian bush while the Wolf Man would rule the small land of the lava pups in the first plane of Hell.

Once the peace deal was signed, the demons argued Mr. Flame should step down from power as Supreme Dictator. There was no more outside conflict, so they should all be free to fight each other once again. Mr. Flame didn’t agree and ordered the assassination of the other tribe chieftains, effectively guaranteeing himself dictatorship for life.

Mr. Flame began researching more about the human dimension. Other wastelands piqued his interest. He pondered his next targets… After some thought, he settled on Alabama.

Well, those are all the decent superhero themed drawings I created as a kid. Which character is your favorite? Should I take these stories more serious and compile them into a novel?

If you need a creative fiction writer to help bring your stories to life, check out my freelance writing services.

Stay awesome everyone.