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SEO Resources

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the practice of building websites and ranking them higher in search engines to increase their traffic. By following Google’s guidelines and algorithms for search terms, you can rank a website to #1 for hundreds of queries! It’s a complex science of mastering data tools and a delicate art of web design that involves several key strategies:

  • Link Building = Getting your website listed on other, relevant websites.
  • Strong Content = Providing the public with valuable information surrounding keywords.
  • Interactive Design = Uses a web design with eye-catching colors and images to keep viewers engaged.
  • Site Map = Provides an easy flow of links in the template ensuring viewers don’t get lost.
  • Powerful CTA = Invites the viewers to make a decision with a convincing above-the-fold copy.

While just 30 years ago we didn’t even have public internet, today the online marketing profession field forms the key to raising brand awareness. The sad reality is virtually no one goes to the 2nd page of Google to shop for a service. The highest ranked sites use the most relevant and useful copy found in search terms and common questions from search engine queries. Sophisticated software exists to track trends, but it takes a lot of time and effort to really understand SEO best practices. 

From this section of pages, I’ll keep a running list of resources I’ve found useful! Hope it’s helpful!