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10 Funny Ad Fails

Ban Against Bikes

Defining Good Ads Since I’ve been writing about ads recently, I figured I’d take the time to write a lighthearted post. Sometimes ads are bad because they offend people and cause drama. Others have mistakes that make us…

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Spelling Rules: Open + Closed Compound Words

alphabet crackers spelling

Variant Spellings of Compound Words Okay, so you usually you can know the spelling of a word by sounding it out, or just Googling how you think it’s spelled (then Google’s like “Yo you actually mean this word.”)…

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Effectively Using Connotation in Writing

boy with glasses reading book

This post will explain how and when to use connotation to best connect with the audience and drive your message in any form of writing. Understanding the right word to use is critical to communicating effectively in any…

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How to Avoid Passive Voice Sentences

Passive girl hiding behind fern

Struggling to fix passive voice sentences? This post will explain everything you need to know about passive and active voice and how to easily switch between them! If you found it useful by the end, go ahead and…

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