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Dove’s Literal Whitewashing

yellow soap and cleaning sponge Dove ad

In 2017, Dove ran an flash ad through Facebook that erupted in controversy The commercial was a short 3-second GIF of women pulling their shirt off to reveal another woman of a different race underneath. Weird, right? They…

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10 Funny Ad Fails

Ban Against Bikes

Defining Good Ads Since I’ve been writing about ads recently, I figured I’d take the time to write a lighthearted post. Sometimes ads are bad because they offend people and cause drama. Others have mistakes that make us…

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Pepsi Banking Off Social Justice Protests

My last post was about the recent Gillette ad campaign. I went back and forth in how to organize it. Originally, I tried to draft listicle of my opinions on different controversial ads, but I realized the readers…

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Gillette’s Toxic Masculinity Ad: Calling Men Out?

masculine man

Every once in a while ads stupidly offend their intended audience. Usually, social media flames up in angry comments and the companies suffer a PR nightmare. Some mismatched text and/or colors might convey the wrong message. We usually…

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Brief Autobiography: Writing (Part 3)

marketing pen Blogger Autobiography

By May of 2017, I became aware of an issue with my teaching certification. I was required to take an ESOL class online. I took the class back in January; it was apparently the wrong course number. I…

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