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10 Funny Ad Fails

Ban Against Bikes

Defining Good Ads Since I’ve been writing about ads recently, I figured I’d take the time to write a lighthearted post. Sometimes ads are bad because they offend people and cause drama. Others have mistakes that make us…

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Cutting Out Filler Words in Writing

sausage filler

What are Filler Words? You always want to communicate ideas in the simplest way possible by avoiding unnecessary words and phrases. Texts that can be simplified or eliminated are called “filler words”. Filler words are used in speech…

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Know Your Homophones: Spelling Counts

mircophone boy homophones

You might remember your elementary teachers assigning endless homonym and homophone worksheets every year. But that was a long time ago. If you need a fresh reminder, I am here to explain the difference between some of these…

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