Know Your Homophones: Spelling Counts

mircophone boy homophones

You might remember your elementary teachers assigning endless homonym and homophone worksheets every year. But that was a long time ago. If you need a fresh reminder, I am here to explain the difference between some of these…

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Tomb Raider Review: Good Acting, Bad Ending

Tomb Raider 2018 Review

I told you all how I got an Xbox 1 last November. It came with digital copies of Tomb Raider and it’s 2015 sequel Rise of the Tomb Raider. I enjoyed playing through both and was excited to…

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Stardew Valley Review: Simple Chill Farming

Since I’ve been playing less and less Halo 5, I picked up Stardew Valley. It’s a more casual farming simulator game with an homage to the Harvest Moon series. It’s part Farmville and part Sims with some dungeon…

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Pace Family History: Introductions

Jonathan Crow Pace Family History Binder

I have decided my next big project will be to present a narrative of my family history. I hope to fill in gaps of memories with documentation and truly illustrate the character of my ancestors. This first chapter…

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5 Easy Steps to Plan Your Writing (#Pizza)

blog title image on writing planning with pizza

Do you have a lot of awesome ideas in your head but don’t know how to put them into words exactly? Everyone gets “writer’s block’’ from time to time. Today we’re going to look at how to research…

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Doodles Part 2: Superheroes!

Superhero with lightning powers

Alright, so last time I revealed my childhood fantasy world of Mybera (which you can read here: “Doodles Part 1: Mybera“). Now I am thrilled to present my collection of superheroes and supervillains from my teenage imagination! I…

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Halo 5 Review: Bad Storytelling and REQ System

halo 5 review locke image

Why Give this Review? After finally beating the campaign on legendary and messing around enough on multiplayer, I’ve concluded Halo 5: Guardians is actually a terrible game compared to the previous title installations. I was deeply puzzled this…

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Doodles Part 1: Mybera

childhood drawing of frog ninja

Today I am excited to unveil my long lost childhood doodles I drew from about ages 7-14! Part 1 of this series covers the tales from the mythical land of Mybera. First some introduction: The Importance of Childhood…

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Samson (2018) Review: It’s a Love Drama?

Bible Samson Knocking Pillars Down in Temple

For a low budget Christian film, Samson wasn’t all bad. It sticks to the Biblical story by weaving the highlights of his narrative through some creative license. For example, Samson’s father and brother play main roles in pushing…

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Spelling Rules: Open + Closed Compound Words

alphabet crackers spelling

Variant Spellings of Compound Words Okay, so you usually you can know the spelling of a word by sounding it out, or just Googling how you think it’s spelled (then Google’s like “Yo you actually mean this word.”)…

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