Author: Jonathan Crow

Cats vs. Dogs: What Pet is Right for You?

What’s Pet is Right for You? One of my favorite movies growing up was Cats & Dogs. The idea that animals actually have an ongoing secret spy war fascinated my young self. You know they made a sequel…

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My Philosophy of Wearing Ties

Wearing ties different colors

Ties Are Awesome As a wee lad, I used to dread the idea of dressing up for church or a special occasion. It involved so much effort for me to find the right outfit that would please my…

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Effectively Using Connotation in Writing

boy with glasses reading book

This post will explain how and when to use connotation to best connect with the audience and drive your message in any form of writing. Understanding the right word to use is critical to communicating effectively in any…

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How to Avoid Passive Voice Sentences

Passive girl hiding behind fern

Struggling to fix passive voice sentences? This post will explain everything you need to know about passive and active voice and how to easily switch between them! If you found it useful by the end, go ahead and…

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Vampires vs Werewolves: Monster Madness!

Vampire fighting werewolf

I thought about creating a rubric with a point scale to really evaluate their attributes. However, determining a definitive winner can be difficult without establishing a context. Vampires and werewolves will each have the advantage in different environments and settings. So Instead, I am simply identifying defining traits of each monster, giving a quick judgment, and leaving the rest up to you! I am just presenting the facts as I see them!

Compiling the best of fantasy lore, here’s my analyze:

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The Perseid Meteor Shower and Writing

meteor falling on purple sky

If you haven’t heard, you can see the Perseid meteor shower at its peak this weekend!

The Perseid shower, called because it hails around the Perseus constellation, occurs July 17th to August 24th and comes from the “Swift-Turtle” comet’s yearly orbit.  Normally, the comet will shoot forth 80 meteors an hour. If you want the best views, drive out to a dark part of town. However, this year around the bright waning gibbous moon will make it difficult to see some, but be patient! You might get your wish granted after all!

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